June 9, 2010

We've Moved!

May 10, 2010

Shirt The Kids - Fresno May 11th

My first time performing in Central California. Come through!!!

April 30, 2010

Swag'r Jak'n Bay GRL RMX feat. Talia Taylor

Download the track for FREE at 2DopeBoyz.com

I know it's been a minute since I've posted; between working on my latest music video (heyyyy) and traveling up and down California, I've been putting a lot of new projects in the works just for all of you! Here is my latest: a special RMX I requested from Bay Area's most hustlin' MC, Balance, that he dutifully sent on request. And a sista named Talia Taylor was gracious enough to hop on the track and debut it before my appearance at Hip Hop in the Park.

I hope you enjoy.

BTW we're working on moving Guerilla Busfare to a more centralized location (www.rockyrivera.com) and I will be (joining the kiddies lol) and getting a Tumblr site real soon. Guerilla Busfare will neva be ovah...just faster and updated more regularly for you :)

Love and respect,

March 23, 2010

Call for Food Sponsors for my next Video

Greetings Friends & Family! I am so humbled to share my journey as an independent artist with a very special community of talented individuals. My debut album, Rocky Rivera, dropped on February 2, 2010, and I've had the honor of being the meeting point for ambitious young filmmakers, photographers, promoters, and influential tastemakers.

On April 17th & 18th, we are shooting a video for my song "Trick Habit" with an award-winning team Kid Heroes/Xylophone - the awesome people behind APL de AP's "APL Song", Bambu's "Crooks & Rooks", and most recently, Hopie Spitshard's "Yummy" video. We are looking to feed a crew of 25-30 people for 1.5 days (5 meals), which is no easy feat! But we'd love to find food sponsors to sustain the hard work and dedication this team is donating to my music video.

Bambu "Crooks & Rooks" Music Video (Uncensored Short Film Version directed by Patricio Ginelsa) from Kid Heroes on Vimeo.

"Crooks & Rooks" by Bambu

Check out all their videos HERE

What we need:

1. Minimum one food sponsor per meal, per day, to donate their delicious food. The shoot will be done in the Bay Area, so we can pick up the meals beforehand to bring onset to Fremont, or if you're local, we can cook it on the spot!

What we can do:

Your company, and your food will be featured in the Behind-the-Scenes Video that Kid Heroes/Xylophone creates along with every video, to help promote your company nationwide and also build your network of clientele. We can also be of resource to you if you'd like to inquire about creating promotional material - including commercials, viral clips, and video editing, and I will be offering my media and writing consultation in exchange for your partnership.

Behind the Scenes of Hopie Spitshard "Yummy" from Xylophone Films on Vimeo.

If you are interested in participating in my upcoming video, please send your company/catering information to info@rockyrivera.com. This is the most important role that anyone can have in this video, and we are grateful for your consideration!

Love and respect,